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How to Find Your Amazon Public Profile Link

What is the Amazon profile?

Your Amazon Profile Page is where you as a user can share information about yourself, your personal tastes, and opinions regarding various products and services. This page is open to the public.


Why need submit Amazon profile?

Just want to check you have the ability to post review on amazon.

And when you submit the review, let us fast find the review,then do fast full refund.

How to Find Your Amazon Public Profile Link on computer:

Here is how:


1. Go to https://www.amazon.com and log in.


2. Go to the "Account & Lists" section using the top level navigation and select "Your account".


3. On Your Account page you will see "Your Amazon profile" link. Click to go to your Amazon Profile page.

4.Now, your Amazon profile link is at the top in the URL

amazon profile link

How do I find my Amazon profile link on my phone?

1) Log in  https://www.amazon.com to your Amazon account on your phone.

2) From the drop down menu of Your Account, click on Your Account.


3) In Your Account page,  drop down menu to find the "Personalized content",then click the "Profile"

4) Once in your Profile page, copy the link (url) from your internet browser to share your Amazon Profile page.


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